Welcome Back Dr. Thompson!

Dr. David Thompson is home safely, following a week-long trip to the Caribbean country of Haiti. Dr. Thompson travels to Haiti each year with an organization called Friends of Haiti, Inc., where he provides valuable dental care to the general public.

Friends of Haiti is a non-profit organization that helps people living in impoverished areas of Haiti. The organization provides “medical, dental, development, and educational services via teams of volunteer professionals,” and seeks to improve the lives of people in need (Friends of Haiti, 2015). Dr. Thompson spends much of his time helping those seeking dental attention and relieves the pain of many. In doing so, Thompson encounters many unique experiences, as well as reunites with friends involved with the group. Thompson has supported the organization for several years, and strives to expand and improve the overall treatment process.

If you wish to get involved with this cause, please see the Friends of Haiti website for more information or contact Dr. David Thompson at info@dentalartsofgreenbay.com.